Ideas To Make Rustic Homemade End Tables

Wednesday, November 11th 2015. | Furniture

If you’re interested in recover, hang around in fishing docks or flea markets, are just smart at repurposing aged things or reside somewhere near a ranch or a winery, the easiest thing you can do is finding or constructing a rustic end table. You do not have to buy new boards manufactured by a lumber yard. Find the homemade end tables buried there and expose the smooth splendor of the sapwood by restore and strip the trunk.

Cable Spool

For simple rustic homemade end tables with some supportive features, grab a small wood cable spool and then sand and apply whitewash, paint or lacquer. Paint every rod a different color or coordinate the spool by stain or paint rod. Make slot for books and journal by fasten the rod to the lower stand of the spool from underneath all the way around at regular gap. Stick the bottom of the top against the rod in position. Install wheel or felt feet to the base of the spool and fill a shallow iron or ceramic saucer on the tabletop to the core hole. Reclaim warehouse or construction location or your neighboring utility company is places to find cable spools. Make sure you ask before taking it home.

Tree stalk

It take a long time to complete but will cost you very little creating a natural work of art with a tree-trunk homemade end tables. Find a stump that’s has an interesting shape and large and high enough for an end table from recurrent park or post-storm or vicinity tree trimming. The part at the foot of the tree usually is a stump with a base that spreads out for steadiness. Let it to dry out for some months. Cut the howl off and use increasingly finer sandpaper to sand the wood to an even finish. Apply clear polyurethane coat generously. Install felt on the base and place it beside the sofa.

Gallery of Ideas To Make Rustic Homemade End Tables

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