How To Make Cover For Square Folding Table

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Many people know that artistic appeal is not available in folding tables. Whether you need one to use as a card or game table, to aid a surplus of guests at dinner, or to show things at a rummage sale, it can be essential using folding tables. It takes a reasonable portion of wear and tear with these tables by their very nature. Covering the axes and the rail-thin legs can be a good idea to make them look good as many people can see them easily. With a little planning first, making a cover for square folding table can make purpose and appeal exist.

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Size the measurements of your table. It is one or the other 34 or 36 inches long and wide for most square folding tables. Examine the joints on the folding table and decide the proper fall factor for the cover. To hide the unattractive joints and parts of the legs, it may be long enough for an about 12 inches drop. Try sitting at the table and certify that it is not so low for the drop factor you determine that it restricts with people moving their feet beneath the table.

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For the cover of folding square table, an average-weight, strong, stain-proof fabric is the one you want. Typically, before they make blemishes, you can splotch them up as treated fabrics cause spills to blob on the surface. Before you decide your choice, read the tag on the textile. Keeping considering the fall factor on all four sides of the table, slice the cover textile. For a deeper hem, add 1 inch to the drop factor or provide a narrow hem 1/2 inch according your preference. To make an even edge, use a ruler as you work all over the cover by pressing 1/2 inch below the lowermost edge of the table cover. Sew a fine hem all the way in the opposite direction. Push and stitch after turning below the lowermost edge by 1 inch for a deeper hem.

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To prevent having to sew textile pieces together to cover your table, it is best to plan in advance. You need fabric 58 inches if you want a 12 inches drop factor and you have 34 inches square folding table. Two sides of the table match 24 inches from an extra 12 inches, and you get 58 by adding 34 and 24. You can make a hem all the way around of 1-inch that provide you with sufficient fabric with 60 inches wide.

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